Looking back….looking forward

As we enter a new year I thought I’d take a moment to look back at the stats from our blog to see which of our posts had received the most views.

The clear winner – “Why do PVCu or Aluminium windows and doors fail in social housing”

This is interesting because I believe it shows that for all the posts and news articles we have published there is still a clear requirement from social landlords to understand why rising budgets are required in this specialist repairs trade.

The clear fact is that there is a big gap between what happens operationally and what was allowed for in the original budget/plan for the reactive repairs on PVCu windows and doors. This rightly raises the question that I attempted to answer.

If you haven’t yet read the post I’d urge you to take the time.

Looking forward for the year ahead I believe we need to focus on communicating the solutions to the problems that this post highlights. Through client research a couple of points stand out.

Firstly the money. Clients are telling us that they need competitive prices but as importantly and in some cases more importantly they need visibility of future spending. This is for the current financial year as well as trends for the future years.

Secondly performance. Our trade has historically had a pretty bad reputation. Lack of first time completion, completion outside target date and general resident satisfaction. This is not good enough. Although our trade may only cover up to 5% of the annual repairs budget the fact that we cover some of the main elements of security and safety (ie the ability to lock the front door or a dangerous piece of glass) then the residents perception of satisfaction is much greater than the spend would have us believe.

For a significant number of years we have been building capabilities to address these concerns. In billing terms our cost of transacting each order is an industry low – this is especially important where our specialism has a very low invoice value per order which means that the processing/overhead element of the total is very high.

For visibility of spend we are now running our first pilot clients through the ‘Lifecycle Curve’ modelling software that we have developed. This new tool will allow these landlords to view projected spend/call numbers with an unprecedented level of accuracy (please drop me a mail if you would like to participate halfpennyj@primaservice.co.uk)

In terms of KPI performance I would say this is the area where we have seen the biggest improvement. We take this very seriously and as such are committed from the highest level to hit, and consistently hit, the highest KPI’s we can. To this end we publish our KPI’s ‘warts an all’ alongwith our MD’s comments as well as any resident comments we receive. At the time of writing the results for all three our of main KPI’s were 99%. Needless to say we are happy with these but by publishing publicly we will ensure we never get complacent.

So it would seem that a year of blogging, educating and publishing our research is in order.

I hope all our readers had a great Christmas break and New Year and I look forward to the chance of working alongside as many of you as possible.