With vast numbers of social housing stocks upgraded with PVCu windows and doors from the mid 1980′s these ageing installations are starting to experience increasing operational and compliance issues. There is a real danger that these components will not reach their anticipated life with financial consequences affecting balance sheet strength, surpluses and available capital.

In many cases the issues are temporarily resolved through costly and disruptive recurring reactive repairs but an increasing amount are becoming unresolvable.  The only solution appears to be replacement of replacements resulting in asset component write-off and other pressing capital works being under funded.

With a range of upgrade options covering compliance and operational issues our CapitalStretch service can prove an excellent substitute to full replacements often resulting in 50%-75% capital spending reduction.

Whilst retaining the framing and as many as the operational components as possible the upgrade options cover:

  • Thermal
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Operation
  • Compliance

Upon request a sample survey will be managed by us on your behalf and then an option based proposal will be provided.

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