Key Performance Indicators

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Overview ::The results below are for the latest full month (click tabs above to learn how we record). For each contract every order is rolled up into a single report based upon the contract KPIs and resident survey results which are then posted here. The clients names are not exposed. Our hope of course is to be able to demonstrate excellent results with consistency. These results are posted by our Managing Director (who comments on them below) and acts as a marker for our whole organisation to work towards. Each client also has access to a portal showing these results on a daily basis.

[jtab/] Satisfaction :: For each contract we either work with our clients system of residents satisfaction cards or provide our own which are posted after each completed job. These are collated each month and a percentage score based upon factors such as time keeping, ID shown, work quality and appointment kept. These are also tallied against each engineer who is provided with a monthly report against all their completed jobs for the that month. [jtab/]

Target Date :: For every job raised we assign a target date based upon a call level predetermined within the contract. Our bespoke booking system ensures that as we book jobs we prioritise based on the complexity of the work to be undertaken and the likelihood of an initial survey required. The system also ensures that a job cannot be booked outside this calculated target date. At the end of a month all completed dates are compared to the target dates and an overall percentage figure obtained.  [jtab/]

First Viable Fix :: Many companies and organisations use a ‘First Time Fix’ KPI. For our trade where we often require an initial survey (for bespoke manufactured items such as sealed units) we use a tailored KPI ‘First Viable Fix’. For this each work code / SOR code is agreed whether requiring an initial visit. The work codes for each job completed are then analysed against the number of visits required to complete and the results compiled in to a single statistic. We can also provide ‘First Time Fix’ KPI where these are required. [/jtabs]

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