‘Stop the waste’ silent protest falls on deaf ears

A group calling for an end to unnecessary plastic waste created by social housing maintenance met with resistance at last week”s Homes 2012 event at London’s ExCeL.

Representatives of asset management strategic partner Prima Service, staged a sit-in throughout the event to highlight perceived flaws in the current system where failing PVCu units are fully replaced rather than upgrading existing stock.

Silently carrying their banners asking asset managers to ‘Stop the Waste’ and ‘Save the budget’, the team was moved on from the premises mid way through the second day of the popular new housing sector event.

“While it’s a shame our protest was brought to an end, we’re hopeful that our message came across,” said Director Justin Halfpenny. “The fact is that at a time when asset managers are being scrutinised so closely on budget spend and carbon footprint, taking the Green Route to refurbs and maintenance can only be positive.”

To totally replace the PVCu windows and doors of a medium sized stock of 6000 houses means unnecessarily removing as much as 600,000 metres of plastic framing. Adds Justin: “This is contributing to a housing waste mountain that we believe can easily and affordably be avoided.”

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